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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #515

Haul/Rediscoveries: Clinique Warm Up Palette, Jack Black Black Reserve Body Wash, Tom Ford Girls Lip Colors x3 Weekend plans: A lot of new products arrived yesterday and a few more today, so I expect to be busy photographing/swatching a good chunk of that! What's your favorite book genre?: I like historical romance, and I don't find that I reach for much outside that genre. I've read some fictional books centered around dogs, but they always make me sob. I only like happy endings in my entertainment! P.S. -- Join us over in the official Temptalia chatroom on Discord! :) View Continue Reading…

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Do you feel compelled to keep up with or purchase new releases?

HAHA, of course!! This question is less for me and more for readers to answer. Newer releases, whether limited edition or permanent, tend to take precedence over older/existing products, but there are some permanent ranges that are important to have covered. It is, though, easier for me to cover a newly-released (but permanent) line-up of products--say NARS' lipstick--because that content will last for awhile but is still fresh for readers when it goes live initially.

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Has the influx of pre-made palettes changed how you approach your routine?

For me, they actually have. On a regular basis, I'm pretty much testing eyeshadow palettes exclusively; like there are a few times a year when a brand might drop some eyeshadow singles (NARS reformulation) or I try a new range (Sydney Grace) but the majority of eyeshadow products I test are from palettes. This results in less experimentation and less time spent figuring out what to put together--sometimes that's a good thing! Sometimes there is a challenge in trying to produce two more dissimilar looks out of the same palette to show its versatility, though. I used to be all Continue Reading…

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