Telekom Fashion Fusion, AlphaTauri and Schoeller to Debut App-Controlled Heat-Regulating Jacket

POWERING UP: Today’s launch of the Heatable Capsule Collection is an example of what happens when three forces collide. Telekom Fashion Fusion, Red Bull’s AlphaTauri fashion label and Schoeller Textil AG pooled their brain power to introduce technological innovation for what amounts to self-regulating garments. Telekom took care of the app that controls the jacket’s temperature, AlphaTauri handled the design and Schoeller developed the heating technologies, fabrics and electronic components. Consumers decide what level of warmth that they would like for the jacket or the gilet. The clothing is operated by an app that allows the wearer to heat zones near the pocket and kidney areas. Collectively, they are trying to appeal to the tech-savvy urban explorer. Schoeller, the Switzerland-based company that dates back to 1868, developed E-Soft-Shell heating technology that is integrated into the fabric, and is what the company describes as localized as close as possible to the wearer’s body. In addition, sensors can measure the jackets’ microclimate. Essentially, the apparel’s warmth is generated by the heatable fabric lining with a network of conducive yarns. If heating is not needed, the integrated power bank can be used to charge a smartphone, while the wearer is on the run. Other outerwear

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