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Why I started a Blog!

It’s finally coming together and I can clearly see my vision for starting a fashion, beauty, music blog. 

So here’s the scoop. I started my company Kaia Dublin, LLC in 2016 in hopes of creating a fashion, beauty and music brand, and truly struggled with overthinking my content at first. After starting my instagram and Facebook page, I started posting outfits, gaining genuine followers on social media. I often found myself loosing confidence as soon as I’d loose a follower or two and questioned my ability to continue my passion in helping others find and embrace their style. I was very insecure about putting myself out there because I was uncertain if anyone was interested in what I had to share, but i’m so glad I kept going.

For the past two years now I have grown and learned so much about myself by just getting started and I realized it’s all about doing what you love in the moment, creating meaningful posts that help others while putting your creative spin on it. That is what truly moves and inspires others!

So come long with me. I want to share my thoughts about fashion, beauty products and show you how I use music to elivate my confidence and style. It’s truly about embrace who you are inside and out. 

And if you’ve every felt like starting a blog, the time is now. Start your business, blog, etc. today and keep pouring your heart into it. No one has your style, so embrace it and let your creativity run wild!

PC: Chris Cantoya of Cantoya Photography 

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