My Fashion Hero!

I remember my very first taste of fashion. It was my older sister Cassandra Nichols. Through reading her Vogue, Cosmo & YM magazines I couldn’t help but get lost in the creative artistry that jumped off the pages. It was in 6th grade when I first asked her to style my outfits for Middle School and high school. Ever summer, just before schools started we’d take a trip to San Marcus outlets. 

Now I know I was definitely an annoying sister, taking your clothes without asking but I couldn’t help it. You had and have such great taste. It is because of my sisters patients and unknowing guidance, that I learned to find & embrace my own unique style! With fashion, I get to express my personality, and explore my creativity that feels like a ball of fire burning inside me. 

❤️💃🏻Thanks sis, you are my fashion hero! 

//Kimono, Top, & satin skirt by Forever21

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