My life as a DJ’s wife!

Do you hype your man up? Is he your A-1 since day 1?! Well, that’s what it’s like being a DJ’s wife hah! Now I may be a little bias, but truly his natural talent inspires me.  Being his MC and hype-man, I feel a tremendous amount of pressure but seeing him handle the crowds always pushes me to better myself.  It’s exciting yet challenging and nerve recking all at once. Just before every gig, I feel sick to my stomach but as soon as he starts playing, the fear and anxiety disappear!

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My Fashion Hero!

I remember my very first taste of fashion. It was my older sister Cassandra Nichols. Through reading her Vogue, Cosmo & YM magazines I couldn’t help but get lost in the creative artistry that jumped off the pages. It was in 6th grade when I first asked her to style my outfits for Middle School and high school. Ever summer, just before schools started we’d take a trip to San Marcus outlets.  Now I know I was definitely an annoying sister, taking your clothes without asking but I couldn’t help it. You had and have such great taste. It is because of my sisters patients and unknowing guidance, that I learned to find & embrace my own unique style! With fashion,...

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For the love of Autism!

If you lived in my heels 👠 for a day, you’d probably be smiling like this too!   But it’s not always smiles. By day I work with children, young adults and their families who have #autism.💙🧩 We celebrate little & big success like 1. Imitating sounds 2. Transitioning from different environments 3. Using self calming/coping strategies Some days (more than others) there are struggles/frustrations, but their spirits keep me smiling. 🥂 Cheers to April #autismawareness month and to my children & families pushing through adversity💪🏽 you inspire me! . This outfit was styled in this order! 1️⃣It started with this blue dress got the love of Autism. Then came the blazer. 2️⃣Threw my hair up in a bun, added the...

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