An entrepreneur who is local at heart with an international outlook, Kaia Dublin is an exclusive fashion industry brand name. Her social platforms invites her audience to join her personal journey and creative expression through a fashion, beauty and music lifestyle. Her trendy, chic and edgy aesthetic, delivers quality content with a cool sense of confidence.

Kaia utilizes her diverse skillset and creative background to collaborate with local and online brands in fashion, beauty and entertainment industries as a model, influencer/blogger and ambassador. Her charismatic personality and comfortability in front of the lens has enabled her to present her list of talents to her city and global followers.

Kaia's style creativity and visual fashion talents have also recently enabled her to start and create her own personal online boutique KAIA DUBLIN.

Her personal passion is fashion, beauty and music. She began her creative career in fashion in 2016, as a freelance model sharing her personal style through social media. She also started her company KAIA DUBLIN INTERNATIONAL, LLC. Since starting her business, she has modeled in local fashion shows, styled reality tv celebrities and music industry professionals. Her edgy, sophisticated style and attention to details is her signature and has dedicated many hours to industry research and developing her brand name and reputation.

From 2018 to 2023, Kaia Dublin was a Jr Journalist for the #1 Texas Fashion Media News Company based in San Antonio Tx, Style Lush TV. From 2021-2023 She served as the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501-C non-profit Secretary, became Vice President of Models of Texas and has been one of the founding members of creating Texas Fashion Industry, Texas Fashion Week and the Texas Fashion Industry Awards. She is now emerging on her own platform to pioneer the Fashion and Technology Industry in Texas with TABU The Artist, husband and leading expert and producer of in the Fashion, Art, A.I, Music and Metaverse experiences of Texas.

Today, Kaia Dublin's social media platforms are a destination for her devoted audience to receive their daily dose of inspirational and professionally curated content.